Wow, I Really Should Have Stretched Better

This year for gym we did a unit on cross-country running. Every day when we got outside for gym we would run around the field. Our field is approximately .5km. So everyday we would run a different distance, record our time and eventually caculate our pace.

For my data I had a good percent difference. My percent difference, which is the biggest number in my data menace my lowest number in my data and then divided by the smallest number. My overall percent difference is 88%, which means that the time between my fastest and slowest paces is 88%.

There are improvements that I made in my cross-country running this fall. I made improvements on my pace this year. I also made improvements on how much I can run at a time. My pace improved quite a bit during the year. It went to 6:04 to a low of 3:31. But it was only 0.75km that I ran for the 3:31.

What goals have you made this year to improve your physical fitness?

There are goals that I have made this year to improve my physical fitness. Those goals are, hopefully 30 minutes more a day of exercise. I would also start running more than I currently am. I would like to run 5 minutes a day if I can.



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  1. Posted by @ShadiYazdan on November 9, 2011 at 6:36 am

    It’s really nice to see you setting a clear goal for yourself and working hard to achieve it. I like the data you created. You are visually able to see how well you are doing from day to day.

    I picked up running this summer but somehow I just can’t seem to stay motivated. After reading your blog, I see that one of my major problems has been the lack of goal-setting. Thanks to you, I will keep a record of how far I run each time in hopes of motivating myself.

    Keep up the awesome work.


  2. Congratulations Brad, on your running success. Your pace for the 0.75 k is excellent, and sticking to your goals will help make that (or slightly higher) more consistent.

    Well done!
    Mrs. D.

    P.S. That is the BEST title!


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