Summer + Teeswater = Baseball

This summer I spent almost all of my time with my friend Dawson at either the ball diamond or one of our houses. We play ball together on the Teeswater W.O.A.A team so Dawson and I practiced hard during the summer together to get ready for the play-offs. We went golfing this summer quite a bit. I beat him every time so it wasn’t much competition 🙂
I met a very “unique” person this summer. His name is Drew and he is from Teeswater. Drew is a little cooky but he is the funniest person that I ever met. We were playing a ball game in Priceville in the regular season and there was a foul ball that went behind the concession stand. Usually someone’s parent would go and get it and we would use the other ball. The first thing Drew did was was run all the way over behind the concession stand and got the ball.
My most memorable moment this summer was at a ball game in Teeswater. Dawson who is our catcher, was about 3 feet in front of the plate and about 2 feet in fair territory waiting for a ball. The big kid off of Seaforth rounded third chugging for home, went off the base path and lowered his shoulder then cranked Dawson. We had to call an ambulance to take him off the field. He was sent to London. It was really scary because nobody knew what was wrong. He ended up to be fine.
My questons are, have you ever seen someone being taken off of a sports field in an ambulance before? What were you doing when the tornado touched down in Goderich?

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  1. I can understand why you and your friend Dawson practiced hard for baseball- baseball is fun! Why wouldn’t you go and get the ball from behind the concession stand? Maybe he liked that ball more than the other. O.o I have met Dawson before but have never seen him play. I wonder if Dawson only had the wind knocked out of him.


    • Hey Dylan,
      Well, going and getting the ball from behind the concession stand isn’t a bad thing by any means. It is just something that most people don’t do. It was just a lot funnier because it was Drew. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.


  2. Posted by melissa on September 16, 2011 at 8:38 pm


    I can relate to this because I have played ball before In Teeswater. I have also seen someone who as been taken off the sports field because of an injury. Have you ever been taken off the field because of a injury?


  3. Posted by dylawalk on September 16, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Good job. Did you guys win the baseball game? That’s good that Dawson is fine. Where did you guys play golf and how many holes did you guys play? Where did you and Dawson practice playing baseball? Did your family and you go anywhere during the summer if so where and when? What position do you play on your baseball team, are you good at it or do you want a different position?


    • Hi Dylan,
      Yes we won the game. We played golf at Wingham and we just played 9 holes. We practiced at the Wingham ball diamonds. We didn’t really go anywhere this summer. I play 3rd base. I like it but I have always wanted to play 1st or I would like to catch. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.


  4. Hey Brad,
    What happened to Dawson sounds scary. Was he able to play golf after he got hurt? It sounds like Drew is a little cooky. How many games did Dawson miss on injury?


  5. Hi BradPewt,
    It sounds like it would have been really cool playing on the W.O.A.A baseball team in Teeswater. I really like the line “I met a very unique person this summer” it was really funny.
    Also, when Dawson got hit what was your first reaction?


  6. Brad,
    Your passion for baseball really comes through in this post. While I don’t recall anyone being taken off the field for an injury during a ball game, I do recall a few years ago at a Blue Jays game an injury from someone in the stands. Three times in one game, spectators were hit with a foul ball and had to be taken out. Glad I was sitting up higher. The old saying, “Never take your eyes off the ball” even applies to spectators.
    Regarding the tornado, I had just got home after a 4-wheeling outing. The air turned cold, the sky turned black, and the hail started flying. We were fortunate not to have had any damage at our place. The previous afternoon I had been in Goderich on the downtown square for a Legion service honouring Afghanistan veterans. The square was filled with people, many elderly, as a wicked storm rolled in. Luckily the service ended and everyone left before it hit. Thankfully that storm did not turn into the tornado that hit 24 hrs. later in the exact spot.


  7. Brad,
    Your first post in Grade 8 looks great! You had a busy summer again this year but it was a good summer! Congratulations on your success with your ball team this year, you all earned it! Good Luck in Grade 8 and keep up the great work!


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