The Word Shaker

This week in 7/8 we were doing another project with our collaborative school in Snow Lake, Manitoba. In the novel that we are reading together we had to make up a story to fit the drawings that this character made. We had to do it in groups using the chat in Google docs. We all contributed to the story to make it what it is now. Here’s the links to the blogs of my partners: Jadyn, Alexander, Nicole.

#1  Hitler is trying to sell his evil to Germany. But I’m not buying, and I hope you never have to either Liesel.

#2  Hitler is brain washing all the German people into thinking what he thinks, not what they think. Hitler is using his words to almost mesmerize the German population into thinking what he thinks. Don’t buy into it Liesel.

#3Dear Liesel,I’ve always wanted to put this seed into the ground with you. But now I want you to do it, for me.
From: Max

#4Liesel, our tree is the only one that is not full of bad things. It is the tree full of good things. Like love caring and compassion.Not like Hitler’s trees; they are full of hate, fear and death.

#5 Everyone is trying to stop us. Even Rosa and Hans who took me in off the street. Everyone in Germany is betraying us. But I will keep going anyway. Don’t let anyone touch our tree. Remember, if we are together no one can stop us.

#6 I imagine you lying in the tree that we were supposed to plant together. The Nazi party is trying to knock it down but you won’t let anything happen to it. I am very proud of you. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the party like that.

#7 Dear Liesel:
I am coming to help you in your quest to save our tree. You haven’t seen me in a while so I might look a little different. At this moment I am preparing. See you soon.
From: Max Vandenberg

#8  I would climb anywhere in the world, at anytime just to see you, Liesel. I will see you soon. Hopfully I don’t get caught when I am coming. I will see you soon.

#9  In my head you and I are finally together and we are loving the tree we were supposed to plant together. I hope you are seeing this to.

#10 We can finally see all of the evil in Hitler’s forest, and I am doubting we can stop it from growing.

#11We finally stopped Hitler. It was hard, we had some help, many lives were lost and I hope that we can be friends now with out me having to hide in your basement.


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  1. Posted by airforceracer on January 28, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    I really like how everyone had different thoughts about the Word shaker. I like your how you guys explained #2.


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